Fresh & Inspired

The ideia of this concept was triggered by seeing how in our society, people tend to distance themselves more and more.

Bringing people together, that's what we stand for.
Share a table, share your story, share your presence, share your time.

This is Sharing Tables! 



Not only you enjoy a dinner prepared with love, passion and the best and freshest ingredients, but also you get to know other people and always at a special set.


Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or organizing a small gathering, Sharing Tables is here at your service.

Specialised in small groups, we can turn any small-scale event into a unique and special event for you and your guests.

High-quality  service combining delicious food and enjoyable ambiance into one extraordinary dining experience.

Fresh, innovative and exciting!

As long as she can remember, Ivone was always passionate about cooking.

Cooking is for her kind of meditation.

Creating new recipes and experimenting with them until they reach the perfect harmony of flavours that awaken the palate and stimulate the appetite of those who taste her cooking, is her greatest pleasure.

For Ivone, gastronomy has no limits. The important thing is to taste with an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

The recipes she create are the perfect solution for every culinary need.

Check out the mouth-watering options and get in touch to sample your simply delicious diner.


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